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Lupton, Arizona (Route 66)

Lupton, Arizona, holds a unique historical significance, as it is tied to both the expansion of the railroad and its connection to Route 66. In 1905, Lupton gained prominence as the site of the first railroad station established by the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad in Arizona, playing a pivotal role in the region’s economic growth.. The station was named in honor of G.W. Lupton, a trainmaster in Winslow. This early railroad connection laid the foundation for its role as a transportation hub. Then, in 1926, Lupton found itself along the iconic Route 66, further solidifying its importance as a stop for travelers on the famous “Main Street of America.” Thus, Lupton boasts a dual historical legacy, representing the early railroad era and serving as a notable waypoint along the historic Route 66 journey.

Route 66 Attractions in Lupton, Arizona

  1. Yellowhorse Trading Post
  2. TeePee Trading Post
  3. Chaparral Trading Post




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