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Oatman AZ

Oatman, Arizona (Route 66)

Route 66 Attractions in Oatman, Arizona

  1. Oatman Historic District: Explore the town’s well-preserved historic district, featuring vintage buildings, old-time saloons, and unique shops. Oatman was once a Gold Mining Town.
  2. Sidewinder Highway over 191 curves coming into Oatman.
  3. Oatman Staged Shootouts: Witness thrilling staged gunfights that harken back to the Wild West era, complete with actors in period costumes.
  4. Oatman Burros: Encounter the friendly and free-roaming burros that have become a symbol of Oatman. You can feed and interact with them on the streets.
  5. Oatman Jail Museum: Visit the historic Oatman Jail, which now serves as a museum, to learn about the town’s colorful past and notorious characters.
  6. Route 66 Memorabilia: Browse through shops offering Route 66 memorabilia, antique cars, and unique gifts, perfect for souvenir hunting.
  7. Black Mountains Scenic Drive: Enjoy a scenic drive through the stunning Black Mountains, offering panoramic views of the desert landscape.
  8. Hiking and Outdoor Activities: Discover the natural beauty of the surrounding wilderness with hiking trails and opportunities for off-roading and camping.
  9. Oatman Hotel: Visit the historic Oatman Hotel, which claims to be the oldest two-story adobe building in Mohave County. It has a colorful history and a renowned restaurant.
  10. Cool Springs Station: A short drive away, Cool Springs Station offers a glimpse into the past with a restored service station and gift shop.




The Burros of Oatman Arizona. Welcome to the Wild West in Oatman Arizona

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Adorable Baby Burro and the Friendly Herd on Arizona's Route 66!


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