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Peach Springs, Arizona

Peach Springs, Arizona, is a small community located along the historic Route 66. Established in the late 1800s, Peach Springs served as a vital stop for travelers journeying along the iconic highway. The town’s growth was closely tied to the popularity of Route 66, which connected countless small towns and communities across the United States. However, with the construction of Interstate 40 bypassing Peach Springs, the town experienced a decline in visitors and businesses.

Today, Peach Springs is the administrative headquarters of the Hualapai Tribe and serves as a gateway to the Hualapai Reservation and the Grand Canyon West and even rafting adventures in the Grand Canyon. The town is home to the Hualapai Lodge, which offers comfortable accommodations and a restaurant for visitors.

Route 66 Attractions in Peach Springs, Arizona.

  1. Hualapai Lodge: While not a traditional attraction, the Hualapai Lodge in Peach Springs is a comfortable place to stay if you’re spending the night. It offers modern amenities and a restaurant where you can grab a meal.
  2. Hualapai Tribe Cultural Center: Located in Peach Springs, this cultural center provides insight into the history and culture of the Hualapai Tribe. You can learn about their traditions, art, and heritage.
  3. Colorado River Rafting: While not in Peach Springs itself, the Colorado River is not far away. You can arrange for a river rafting trip in the nearby Grand Canyon, which is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.




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