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Lincoln Illinois (Route 66)

Lincoln, Illinois, has a rich history as a part of the famous Route 66, also known as the “Main Street of America” or the “Mother Road.”

Route 66 Attractions in Lincoln Illinois.

  1. Logan County Courthouse: The Logan County Courthouse is a historic building that stands in the heart of Lincoln. It’s an example of classic architecture and is well-known for its appearance in the film “The Rainmaker” starring Burt Lancaster.
  2. Postville Courthouse State Historic Site: This is a reconstruction of the original 1840s courthouse where Abraham Lincoln practiced law during his time as a circuit lawyer. It offers insights into the legal and political aspects of Lincoln’s life.
  3. Railsplitter Covered Wagon: A tribute to Abraham Lincoln, the Railsplitter Covered Wagon is a statue that represents Lincoln’s days as a young man splitting rails.
  4. Route 66 Heritage Foundation of Logan County: This foundation aims to preserve the history and memories of Route 66 as it passed through Logan County. It often hosts events and exhibits related to the history of the highway.
  5. Palms Grill Cafe: A classic diner that has been serving travelers along Route 66 since the 1930s. It’s a popular spot for visitors to experience a taste of the past along the Mother Road.
  6. Mill on 66: This is a historic mill building turned into a shopping and dining destination. It often hosts events and has a nostalgic ambiance that harkens back to the Route 66 era.
  7. Eaton Corporation Fountain: This is a beautifully designed fountain located near the Lincoln College campus. It’s a popular photo spot for travelers and locals alike.
  8. Lincoln Speedway: While not directly Route 66-related, this racetrack has become a significant entertainment venue in the area, hosting various events throughout the year.
  9. Historic Downtown Lincoln: Strolling through the historic downtown area, you can find various shops, restaurants, and buildings that reflect the architecture of the past.
  10. Route 66 Scenic Byway: While not an attraction per se, the stretch of Route 66 that runs through Lincoln is part of the Route 66 Scenic Byway, offering scenic drives and opportunities to explore the history of the highway.




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