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Staunton Illinois (Route 66)

Staunton, Illinois, is a small city located along the Historic Route 66.

Route 66 Attraction in Staunton Illinois.

  1. Henry’s Rabbit Ranch: A quirky roadside attraction that celebrates the history of Route 66. It features a collection of vintage signs, a replica gas station, and of course, rabbits. It’s a fun and nostalgic stop for travelers.
  2. Henry’s Drive-In: This classic drive-in restaurant offers a taste of American diner culture from the Route 66 era. It’s a great place to enjoy a meal and soak up the atmosphere.
  3. Duda’s Tavern: A historic tavern along Route 66, Duda’s offers a step back in time with its vintage interior and friendly atmosphere. It’s a great place to relax and grab a drink.
  4. Staunton’s Route 66 Museum: This small museum showcases memorabilia, artifacts, and information about Route 66 and its impact on Staunton and the surrounding region.
  5. Old Fire Station Museum: This museum provides insight into the history of the Staunton Fire Department and also houses a collection of local memorabilia.




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