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Waynesville, Missouri (Route 66)

Route 66: Waynesville gained prominence as a stop along the iconic Route 66 during the mid-20th century. The highway brought an influx of travelers, leading to the establishment of motels, diners, and service stations to cater to the needs of road trippers.

Today, Waynesville maintains its historical charm and is known for its rich heritage tied to Route 66, its military connection with Fort Leonard Wood, and its picturesque location in the heart of Missouri’s Ozarks. It continues to be a destination for those interested in exploring the history of the region and experiencing the nostalgia of the Mother Road.

Route 66 Attractions in Waynesville, Missouri

  1. Old Stagecoach Stop: This historic building in Waynesville was originally a stagecoach stop in the 19th century. It later served as a stop for travelers along Route 66. Today, it operates as a museum and visitor center, offering insights into the town’s history and the highway’s legacy.
  2. Frog Rock Address: Off Route 66, near Waynesville, MO 65583
  3. Local Diners and Eateries: You can experience classic American diner fare and regional specialties in Waynesville and nearby towns. These diners often have a retro vibe and are perfect for enjoying a meal as you travel along Route 66.
  4. Antique Shops: The town and its surroundings have various antique shops and stores where you can explore vintage items and collectibles, reflecting the history of the area.




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