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Pecos, New Mexico (Route 66)

Pecos, New Mexico, is a place of historical importance that was once a part of an early alignment of Route 66. Here are the main attractions in the Pecos area, including its historical significance and Route 66 connection:

Route 66 Attractions in Pecos, New Mexico.

  1. Pecos National Historical Park: This park preserves the history of Pecos Pueblo and the Spanish missions that existed in the area. Pecos Pueblo was an important Native American settlement, and the remains of the pueblo and Spanish mission churches can be explored within the park. Guided tours and exhibits offer insights into the cultural and historical significance of the site.
  2. Pecos Pueblo: The Pecos Pueblo was a thriving Native American community long before European settlement. The ruins of the pueblo provide a glimpse into the lives and traditions of the indigenous people who lived there. Its historical importance extends to the time when Route 66 passed through the area.
  3. Route 66 Connection: Pecos was an early alignment of the iconic Route 66, also known as the “Main Street of America.” This historic highway connected Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California, and played a vital role in American travel and culture. Pecos’ location along this route brings a unique historical dimension to its attractions.
  4. Route 66 Historic Sites: While Pecos itself isn’t directly on the current Route 66 alignment, it’s located nearby, and there are remnants of the highway’s history in the region. Travelers interested in Route 66 can explore nearby towns and sites that offer a glimpse into the heyday of this legendary road trip route.




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