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Clinton, Oklahoma (Route 66)

Route 66 Attractions in Clinton, Oklahoma

  1. Oklahoma Route 66 Museum: As mentioned, this museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in the history of Route 66. It features exhibits on the road’s development, its impact on American culture, and the unique roadside attractions that dotted the route. 2229 W Gary Blvd Clinton, OK 73601
  2. The Route 66 Plaza: Located in downtown Clinton, this plaza is designed to capture the spirit of the historic route. It features colorful murals, vintage signs, and a replica gas station that takes you back to the Route 66 era.
  3. Trade Winds Motel: This historic motel, with its neon sign, is a classic example of the type of accommodations that once lined Route 66. While it’s no longer operational as a motel, the neon sign and building serve as a nostalgic reminder of the past.
  4. Tornado Dome: Located at the intersection of Route 66 and Neptune Drive, this unique structure was originally built as a gas station but now serves as a private residence. Its distinctive dome-shaped design is a popular photo spot for Route 66 enthusiasts.
  5. Water-Zoo Indoor Water Park: While not a historic attraction, this indoor water park is a fun stop for families traveling along Route 66. It offers water slides, pools, and other aquatic attractions for a refreshing break on your journey.
  6. McLain Rogers Park & Historic Amphitheatre S 10th & Jaycee Ln
    Clinton, OK 73601




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