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Yukon, Oklahoma (Route 66)

Route 66 Attractions in Yukon Oklahoma

  1. Yukon’s Best Flour Mill and Grain Elevator: Located on Main Street, this historic grain elevator and flour mill date back to 1924 and are a picturesque reminder of Yukon’s agricultural past.
  2. Yukon’s Best Railroad Museum: Adjacent to the flour mill, this small museum showcases the history of railroads in the area. You can learn about the importance of the railroad in Yukon’s development.
  3. The Czech Hall: Though not directly on Route 66, the Czech Hall in Yukon is an important cultural site. It hosts events celebrating Czech heritage, including the annual Czech Festival, which features food, music, and dancing.
  4. Garth Brooks’ Childhood Home: The famous country singer Garth Brooks spent part of his childhood in Yukon. While you can’t tour his actual home, you can drive by and see the place where he grew up.
  5. Route 66 Train Town 328 Elm Ave
    Yukon, OK 73099




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