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monument valley, az

Monument Valley, Arizona / Utah: (A Route 66 Detour)

Monument Valley is a region located on the Arizona-Utah border, known for its iconic sandstone buttes and mesas. The area has been inhabited by the Navajo people for centuries and holds great cultural and historical significance. Monument Valley gained widespread recognition in the 20th century, as it became a popular filming location for Western movies, showcasing its stunning landscapes to audiences worldwide.

Today, Monument Valley is a popular tourist destination, offering visitors a chance to explore its breathtaking scenery and learn about Navajo culture. The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park provides guided tours, hiking trails, and a visitor center with exhibits on the region’s history and geology. 

Local Attractions to see in Monument Valley

  1. John Wayne’s Cabin
  2. Forrest Gump Point Monument Valley
  3. Goulding’s Lodge
  4. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
  5. The View Hotel




Monument Valley on a Evening Drive. A Route 66 Detour.
A Beautiful Journey Through Monument Valley.


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