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Sedona, Arizona ( A Route 66 Detour)

Sedona, Arizona, is a picturesque desert town renowned for its stunning red rock formations, vibrant arts scene, and a spiritual aura that draws visitors from around the world. Nestled amidst the Coconino National Forest, Sedona offers a unique blend of outdoor adventure and cultural exploration. Its top 10 attractions include the breathtaking Cathedral Rock, the vortex energy sites for spiritual seekers, the striking Oak Creek Canyon, the art galleries of Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, the Jeep tours exploring the rugged terrain, the historic Chapel of the Holy Cross, hiking trails like Devil’s Bridge and West Fork. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventure or artistic inspiration, Sedona promises a captivating and transformative experience

Attractions in Sedona, Arizona

  1. Cathedral Rock: A stunning red rock formation that offers excellent hiking and spiritual experiences.
  2. Oak Creek Canyon: A scenic canyon with hiking trails, picnicking spots, and the picturesque Slide Rock State Park.
  3. Red Rock State Park: A natural wonderland with hiking trails, wildlife viewing, and educational programs.
  4. Chapel of the Holy Cross: A remarkable architectural gem built into the red rocks, offering a serene place for reflection.
  5. Bell Rock: A prominent rock formation known for its unique shape and hiking opportunities.
  6. Tlaquepaque: An art lover’s paradise with galleries, shops, and beautiful Spanish-style architecture.
  7. Jeep Tours: Explore Sedona’s rugged terrain and backcountry with thrilling Jeep tours.
  8. Slide Rock State Park: A natural waterslide formed by Oak Creek, perfect for cooling off on hot days.
  9. West Fork Trail: A picturesque hiking trail that crosses the creek numerous times, offering breathtaking views.




Seeing the Best of Sedona with a Oak Creek Canyon Drive


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