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rusty old car with a skeleton in it in truxton arizona on route 66t

Truxton Arizona

Truxton, Arizona, is a small community with a rich history along the iconic Route 66. Established in the 1950s, Truxton was a thriving rest stop for travelers, offering essential services such as gas stations, motels, and diners. The town’s growth was closely tied to the popularity of Route 66, which connected countless small towns and communities across the United States. However, with the construction of Interstate 40 bypassing Truxton, the town experienced a decline in visitors and businesses.

Today it is still home to several businesses including a Gas Station and other businesses. They also display several old trucks and even a Route 66 shield that make the perfect place to take a selfie or photo.




Cruising down Historic Route 66 in Arizona. A Route 66 Road Trip
Some true Road Relics on Route 66 in Arizona.. Skeletons in cars It's a dry heat.


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