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san bernadino route 66

San Bernardino, California (Route 66)

San Bernardino is a city located in Southern California, USA. History of San Bernardino: San Bernardino was founded in 1810 by a group of Spanish missionaries and was named after Saint Bernardino of Siena. San Bernardino became a popular destination for travelers on Route 66 due to its location as a midway point between Los Angeles and other parts of the Southwest. The city saw a surge in tourism and business as travelers stopped in for food, lodging, and entertainment. Iconic businesses like diners, motels, and gas stations sprung up along Route 66 to cater to the needs of these travelers.

One notable landmark in San Bernardino along Route 66 is the Wigwam Motel. The Wigwam Motel featured a series of individual motel rooms shaped like teepees, giving travelers a unique and memorable place to stay.

Route 66 Attractions to see in San Bernardino, California.

  1. Wigwam Motel
  2. Mitla Cafe
  3. San Bernardino History & Railroad Museum
  4. California Theatre
  5. Original McDonald’s Site Museum




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