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Cicero, Illinois (Route 66)

In the early 20th century, Cicero became known for its lively entertainment scene, with theaters, restaurants, and other entertainment venues attracting visitors from Chicago. However, the town also gained notoriety for its association with organized crime and political corruption during the Prohibition era.

  1. Henry’s Drive-In: This classic drive-in restaurant was a popular spot along Route 66 in Cicero. It’s known for its iconic neon sign and classic American diner fare.
  2. The Hawthorne Works Tower: Although not located directly in Cicero, this tower was a landmark along Route 66. It belonged to the Western Electric plant in Cicero and was a prominent feature in the area.
  3. Historic Route 66: The road itself is an attraction, with vintage motels, diners, and other businesses that have preserved the nostalgia of the Route 66 era. While some of these places have changed over time, you can still find remnants of the historic highway experience.
  4. Cicero Town Hall: The town hall in Cicero has historical significance as a location where Route 66 passed through. While not an attraction in the traditional sense, it’s a reminder of the town’s connection to the highway.




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