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Joliet Illinois (Route 66)

Joliet, Illinois, boasts a rich history rooted in its strategic location along rivers and transportation routes. From its early days as a Native American settlement to its role as an industrial hub fueled by the Illinois and Michigan Canal, Joliet’s growth was further propelled by its connection to Route 66 in the 20th century. Industrialization, limestone quarries, and the infamous Old Joliet Prison have all left indelible marks on the city’s past. While facing economic shifts, Joliet remains a city that honors its history while embracing modern developments, showcasing its significance in the Midwest’s story of growth and transformation.

Route 66 Attractions in Joliet Illinois

  1. Joliet Area Historical Museum: This museum features exhibits on Joliet’s history, including its connection to Route 66. It provides insights into the city’s growth, industry, and cultural significance.
  2. Old Joliet Prison: The Old Joliet Prison, also known as the Joliet Correctional Center, is an iconic site that gained fame through movies and television shows. While not directly on Route 66, it’s a historic landmark that visitors often explore when traveling along the route.
  3. Rich & Creamy: Another classic diner along the route, known for its ice cream and old-fashioned drive-in experience.
  4. Route 66 Raceway: While primarily known for its modern motorsports events, Route 66 Raceway pays homage to the historic highway that runs nearby. It often hosts events and festivals related to Route 66 culture.
  5. Rialto Square Theatre
  6. The Joliet Route 66 Diner
  7. Illinois Rock and Roll Museum




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