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Springfield Illinois (Route 66)

Early Settlement: Springfield was settled in the early 1810s and became the seat of Sangamon County in 1821. It was chosen as the state capital of Illinois in 1837 due to its central location within the state.

Abraham Lincoln: Springfield is perhaps most famously known as the home of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. Lincoln moved to Springfield in 1837 and practiced law here. The city is closely associated with his political career and is home to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, which offers an in-depth look at his life and legacy.

Route 66 Attractions in Springfield Illinois

  1. Cozy Dog Drive-In: This restaurant claims to be the birthplace of the corn dog, a popular American snack. It has been operating since 1946 and is a nostalgic stop for Route 66 travelers.
  2. Shea’s Gas Station Museum: This museum showcases vintage gas station memorabilia and automobiles, giving visitors a taste of the motoring culture of the Route 66 era.
  3. Route 66 Drive-In Theater: While not an original historic site, the Route 66 Drive-In Theater provides a retro movie-going experience and pays homage to the era of the iconic highway.
  4. Lauterbach Giant: A towering statue of a muffler man, a type of roadside attraction often seen along Route 66, can be found at the Lauterbach Tire & Auto Service.
  5. Abe Lincoln on Route 66: This quirky attraction features a giant fiberglass Abraham Lincoln statue holding a camera. It’s a fun photo opportunity for visitors.
  6. Route 66 Arcade Museum: This museum features vintage arcade games and pinball machines, allowing visitors to relive the gaming culture of the past.
  7. Lincoln’s Tomb: Abraham Lincoln, along with his wife Mary Todd Lincoln and three of their four children, is buried in the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield. His tomb is a prominent attraction, drawing visitors from around the world.
  8. Old State Capitol: The Old State Capitol building in Springfield was where Lincoln delivered his famous “House Divided” speech in 1858. It has been restored and serves as a state historic site and museum.




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