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Atlanta Illinois (Route 66)

Atlanta was established in 1853 and grew as a result of its strategic location along the Illinois Central Railroad. It became a popular stop for travelers on Route 66 due to its unique attractions and amenities. The town’s historical significance is closely tied to the highway’s heyday.

Route 66 Attractions in Atlanta Illinois

  1. Paul Bunyan Statue: One of the most iconic landmarks in Atlanta is the Paul Bunyan statue. Standing at 19 feet tall, this fiberglass statue depicts the legendary lumberjack Paul Bunyan holding an oversized hot dog. It’s a favorite spot for tourists to take photos.
  2. Palms Grill Cafe: This historic diner dates back to the 1930s and is known for its nostalgic atmosphere and classic American comfort food. It’s a great place to experience a taste of the past and grab a meal reminiscent of Route 66’s golden era.
  3. Atlanta Museum: The Atlanta Museum showcases artifacts and memorabilia related to the town’s history, as well as its connection to Route 66. Visitors can learn about the role Atlanta played as a stop along the highway and the impact it had on the community.
  4. Route 66 Arcade Museum: This unique museum offers a collection of vintage arcade games and pinball machines, taking visitors back to the retro gaming scene of the 20th century.
  5. Shea’s Gas Station Museum: This restored 1920s gas station has been transformed into a museum that showcases the history of Route 66 and its significance to the American road trip experience.
  6. Memory Lane Car Museum: While not directly related to Route 66, this car museum in nearby Latham features a collection of classic automobiles that car enthusiasts will appreciate.
  7. Annual Route 66 Festival: Atlanta hosts an annual Route 66 festival, featuring live music, classic car shows, food vendors, and other activities that celebrate the town’s connection to the historic highway.




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